Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead Nation Review

When I first heard of this game I automatically passed on the idea on playing it because I wasn't into zombie games, but my hubby wanted to play it with me so I gave in.

I like how realistic this game is. It's dark and all you have is a flashlight to find your way. You hear the sound of cans being kicked on the ground as you move and after killing zombies and stepping over them, you can hear the smooshing of their guts splattered all over the ground.

Before I decided to buy this game I read some reviews just to get an idea of what was to come. I read alot of good reviews and alot of people said that it was scary.....NOT! If anything this game is more hilarious than scary. Its funny when the alarm goes off on a car and 15+ zombies run up to the car and start banging on it to BOOM, blow up (that's "slap my knee" funny). Another thing is we're walking searching the area and suddenly our flashlight catches a zombie posted up on a wall like its trying to blend in... is this zombie serious... I see you (blast him with the rifle).

Another thing I like about the game is the (of course) weapon upgrades. Hey the zombies get fatter and faster so we are gonna need a little something more than a rifle to take them down. I haven't got all the upgrades yet but I have gotten up to the flamethrower (and watch out for friendly fire).

I wasn't too crazy at first about the controls. It took me a minute to get use to using the right stick to aim but I gotten the hang of it and you know what....This is the first zombie game that I think is F.U.N.