Thursday, October 13, 2011

Funny moments of Portal 2

I didn't think Portal 2 was going to be at the top of my favorites, and gee golly it is, all because of the humor. Here are some bits of humor from Portal 2 *WARNING THE LAST VIDEO CONTAINS A SPOILER!!!* for those of you wanting to play the game buy hasn't yet. I did post alot of videos so it's probably best to just sample a little of each.

 Fact sphere:

 Defective turrets: its funnier when you play the game

 Adventure shere (rick)

Turret quotes: I just like how they talk

*SPOILER* I'm in space:

Dead Space 2 Review

I'm not a real fan of horror games, but I make myself play some from time to time to keep my gaming experience different. First I have to say that for a horror game, this wasn't all that scary. Here and there you will get the lights to cut out and monsters "play BOO" but after a while it's like "alright I already know what weapon I'm gonna' use on you", instead of the sudden scare and you can't think straight. Even the monstrous babies weren't scary, but don't get to close cuz' they do pack a punch.

isn't it cute!


The game had a great story, and even though I didn't play the first one I know it had a great continuation. The main character Issac Clarke has lost his memory for the past three years. Him and another character (Nolan Stross who suffers from dementia  ) were supposedly responsible for building the marker:

no not that marker, this marker:

that caused the great infestation of nasty-looking creatures. The goal is to make the marker whole and free his mind from the marker's influence, and Nicole's vision. Of course there are some suspenseful in-betweens like: an eyeball on a stick, and this great guy:

If you play Dead Space 2 you'll see what I mean.

Game play

I liked the suits, I thought they were really cool-looking (especially the helmets)

 I wish they had just a couple more to choose from. I even like the animation when you buy a new suit, he gets into the machine and comes back out like he's bad, lol. The weapon selection was okay. I did like how they had alternate fire with each weapon, and that makes it very useful for certain situations.

The controls were pretty straight forward your typical first-person shooter buttons, the only button that pissed me off was the circle button which was the instant-heal button. Yes it's great, but I always pressed it accidently, and end up wasting my health, and health doesn't come cheap, and is rare to find if you play the harder levels.


Of course with horror games you have to have the horror music, but it didn't occur very much throughout the game. I guess they needed some surprises huh. I did like the ending theme song. It was a great piece to hear after defeating the boss, it really relaxed me and let me know it was over. Check it out:


I gave this game a 8.5 mainly because I felt a horror game could have been more scarier, although since I'm not a horror game fan it was alright with me, lol, I'm just speaking for the horror game fanatics. Lookout for Dead Space 3, you know it ain't over.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

L.A. Noire Review

This was one of the most wanted games of the summer, and I was proud to stand in line on the launch date to receive my copy along with the 2 bonus cases, although I came home and went straight to bed.

To play this game you have to have ALOT of patience, and by alot I mean you can't rush into anything. If you want to make a good score on the case you have to really search, and pay CLOSE attention to the people you are interviewing, and interrogating, it's hard to assume one thing when there is another correct answer.

The game starts off with Cole Phelps, and ex-marine that served in the Okinawa campaign, and a receiver of the Silver Star. After the war Cole Phelps was discharged and starting working for the LAPD. Cole Phelps seemed like a typical honest, and hardworking man with no worries, working his way up in the LAPD. Everybody knew Cole Phelps because he was darn good at what he does, but during the game with all the flashbacks of the war, Cole Phelps was still in shame for sending order to kill some Japanese  civilians in a cave that was converted into a hospital for wounded, and still living in guilt he does some things to cope with his guilt, some things you didn't see coming.When Phelps was demoted to Arson,  this is where things got really interesting. A big secret is found out and more corrupt people will  unfold, and most of all and ending that is so heart-felt, it will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Cole had different partners in each division of Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson, and for one in particular I wish I could of slapped the taste out his mouth:

his name is Roy Earle.... don't he just look like you wanna slap him and his mama? He was a dirty cop, who talked to me like I was his bitch. I was hoping at some point in the game after work hours Cole would give him the smackdown, but instead, sometimes I would drive off without him and make him run to catch up with me.. heh, heh how bout them apples.

Well enough with the loser with the two-toned suit, Let's talk about the game. First off the graphics were E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T.....T-E! Everything from the sky to hell was so crisp, and the characters movements and facial expressions were so believable you would think your talking to someone in front of you.
The controls were mostly like Mafia, the running, shooting, taking cover, get in the car, get out the car, etc. etc.

The cases consisted of real life situations, murder, theft, drug-dealing, and chasing... It's not fun if your not chasing someone *sarcasm* (I hated chasing people). The kinds of cases you deal with the most are the ones linked to the "Black Dahlia" (so many women were killed in gruesome ways), and illegal morphine distribution (that was some deadly s***).

The way to correctly solve a case is to make sure to find all the clues and don't accuse anyone of anything they didn't do, but sometimes it's tricky, you would think they were guilty but they aren't, and it just causes the case to get harder. You can get a little help from the community  which will tell you how most people answered (for some answers you can't trust the community), and erasing one answer . When suspects are brought to the interrogation room, make sure to make the boss happy or your score will flop... (although there were times I felt I knew I had the right person but he just wanted to bitch anyways).

Some extra activities you can do in the game are collecting cars of course (some of them were SWEET!), collecting films (I couldn't find any at all) and answering optional police calls which could help you gain experience. Not very much to do but it can keep you busy.

I will end this review saying  that this is one of the best games I played all summer and I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating. I didn't give it a 10 because:

1. there was a point where I was replaying cases and didn't know I wasn't suppose to save over my "continued game" therefore I had to start all over and I was not happy.

2. I felt they could of made the girls look different. I swear every girl had the same face and red lipstick, just a different hairstyle

3. I felt like I got cheated out of a couple cases, even when I looked up the answer online... Not cool.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adults say the dardenst things

I guess this is how call of duty gamers deal with getting their butt stomped by the second player on the opposing team:

"Get your d*** out your brother's butt and get your own playstation!"

.... and don't get me started on what they say if your hiding in the corner, and using claymores.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Till death do us part...

I was reading an interesting article in PC gamer magazine where 2 guys were debating on whether single player and multiplayer modes should be sold separately, and honestly I kind of have favor for both sides.

The first guy (we'll call him Mario) thinks that buying single and multiplayer modes gives him more for his money, plus he explains that game developers can make mega-bucks selling to a wider and combined audience.The second guy (we'll call him Luigi) disagrees and says:

"games don't need "mega-development" dollars" to be excellent values. Do you know of anyone that played COD:Black Ops for its single player, or its pitiful zombies co-op mode? They're back of the box bullet points, meant to give the impression that your're getting alot of content for your $60. That doesn't benifit gamers, it means overpaying for access to the piece of the game you actually want to play."

Then Mario says:

 "You're looking a gift horse in the mouth, you ingrate! Separating single-player and multiplayer modes into two purchases won't guarantee you'll save a penny. In fact, you'll probably be getting less for more! Look at Bioshock and Dead Space: both are single player only games that sold for full price. If their sequels had sold their new multiplayer modes separately, they would've still been full price for single player, then an extra $20 or so for the multiplayer DLC..."

I like to get more for my money as well , but for myself, I buy a game mostly because of the campaign, and if the campaign isn't good I could care less about the multiplayer because usually most multi-players are shoot-em-up and I'm not the best at those, but I play here and there just so I can laugh at how horrible I am, but If I know a game on hand that I will enjoy the single player mode as well as the multiplayer, for example, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, then I would definitely buy it together because I enjoy both modes.

So in conclusion I would love to save money on games if I wasn't playing one mode, but is it possible? And if so, should single-player and multiplayer get a divorce? Or should some games just stick to being good at one mode, for example, only make call of duty a multiplayer game only, and other games like dead space a single player only. I can say for sure and you can agree that some games have no business being multi-players.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Co-op games: Are you against me?

I had this topic on my mind for the longest time, and it bothers me alot. I may sound like a crybaby about it but I'm just gonna spill my opinion and maybe some of you can give me your opinion or clear it up for me so I won't think about it again.

Have you ever had one of those games your playing with a local partner and experienced some of the following:

1. you have only 2 bullets left and your partner runs and picks up the ammo without asking if you need it.

2. you have 25% health left your partner has 75% health left and yet he picks up the health that YOU needed.

3. Some games require separate points and your partner only has the sole intention on getting more points so they try to run ahead of you every time, and kill everything.

These are just some things I don't understand. If it's a "co-op" game then why not supply for both, otherwise it becomes the survival of the fittest. And if it's a co-op game why are the points separated aren't we suppose to work T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R? These type of instances focuses mainly on adventure-type games, and I am aware that some games allow you to trade items and such. I remember playing older sega games with my little brother like streets of rage and he would always grab everything and leave me to die. I'm just saying, we are suppose to get through this together.

Then, in this time and age I play games with my hubby like little-big-planet (story mode) and I swear he's trying to compete with me and stay ahead on points more than working together so he can feel like he's done the most. I've confronted him about that he always says "It's just a game"..... I'm thinking, uh-huh, you wouldn't have the same tune if you were loosing.

Does anyone have some clarification on this topic, or am I the only one that feels this way?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First look: L.A. Noire

So I did end up staying up till midnight, by 11:00 I almost didn't make it because of the stupid movie my hubby picked out for us to watch. It was suppose to be a comedy but I didn't laugh at all, the whole time I was thinking wtf.. why is this a move..

But ANYWAYS I made it to gamestop for the midnight release of L.A. Noire and there was a pretty good amount of people there, but since the store is so small I waited in the car till I saw people walking out with the game. Although I got the game at midnight I didn't play it till this morning (I think all the anticipation wore me out).

This game is amazing, I love how they made the characters more realistic. When the characters talk their mouths go with the movement, no I mean like real people talking, not just their lips moving up and down, and their facial expressions are also easy to read. Knowing that this is a detective game and all it was really important to have that element in the game to make it fun for player and I think Rockstar did a really good job on that.

In the beginning of the game you play as   Cole Phelps who was an ex- marine (the game shows pieces of his past after certain events in the game) who became an LAPD officer and later a detective. The whole point of the game is to go around solving cases by finding evidence, and questioning witnesses. One thing I like is that that game gives you certain ques to when your done with the scene and what is a clue. For example when the investigation music stops that means you have found all the clues. When you here a faint chime sound or your controller vibrates that means your near a clue and you can pick it up and manipulate the object by using the L stick(and you do have the option of turning off those features if you want a little challenge). Of course you don't have to remember what you found because you are supplied with a notebook that keeps track of everything you found and everyone you talked too, and later that can help you question others. Another thing I am so happy about is when your driving to your destination you can ask your partner for directions. He will tell you to keep going straight or take the next left, etc. I love that so much, I can't tell you how lost I got when playing Grand theft auto or Mafia II.

When you interview or interrogate people you have the option of telling they they are telling the truth, lying, or you doubt what they are saying, and the cool thing about that is paying attention to their reaction, I caught a guy who wasn't looking me in my eye when he answered my question so automatically I was like hmmm this dude is lying. When you level up you get intuition points which is like a cheat. You can use it to help you find all the clues, or eliminate some of answers so you can say the right answer more accurately

When your riding around with your partner there will be times where cops will radio in certain investigations, you can choose to take the call  or not depending on how you want to play the game, but it is a good way to get some experience and up your rank.

This game reminds me so much of Dick Tracy, the narrator in the background the scenes... just the overall look. when solving cases it becomes serious, and you have to pay attention very closely. I feel so glued to the t.v. when playing this game, I see nothing else around me when I'm playing this game. I love solving puzzles, and CSI type stuff so I will have so much fun with this game.... let's see if I can platinum it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My first midnight launch game: L.A. Noire

I've read and heard about this game in magazines and on the radio so I decided to go reserve this game. As I'm reserving this game the employee tells me there will be a midnight launch for the game. Now usually I blow it off because most of the time its hard for me to stay up to midnight, but my hubby suggested we pick it up at midnight because it was something we never did before. So I thought for a minute and I was like yea.... yea why not... I can do this. So I designed this plan to help me stay awake: I'm gonna jog around the block for 30 minutes then I'll go home and do like 100 pushups with one hand.. (or maybe 1/2 a pushup) next I'll eat a bag of gummy bears, 4 chocolate chip cookies, and drink a red bull every hour... BETTER. a shot of 5 HOUR ENERGY, and hopefully I last till 12 a.m.... just kidding. I know my body will be shocked and crash till Wednesday, but I do want to stay up till midnight. Have any of you stayed up for a midnight launch, and if so got any tips?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mass Effect 2 Arrival

Before purchasing arrival I read alot of reviews that rated this a very mediocre DLC for Mass Effect 2, but since I'm a huge Mass Effect fan I still gave it go.

Arrival is all about stopping the reaper invasion. Dr. Kenson (the person we must rescue) is held captive in the bararian space and is being interrogated for presence on their territory. So automatically Shepard is nominated to be the hero because everybody knows Shepard is a bad mutha.

After the briefing of the mission Shepard heads to the planet Aratoht in search of Dr. Kenson. It isn't hard to navigate through the post, a couple buttons here, a few recording there and you finally found her. But- stroke the guards watching her and she's free, easy as making ramen noodles. Of course she's loose everyone is after us yada yada yada , she handles the controls, Shepard holds off the enemies, and we are finally out of there. That sounded a little to easy, but I knew the minute she radioed her people and said "Shepard was with her" that she was gonna' turn on me.

Back at Arcturus Station Dr. Kenson was to show me prove that the reapers were coming in two days , and that they had a plan to blow the Alpha Relay with an asteroid to stop the reapers from invading the galaxy, they called it "the project". After Shepard hears all the evidence yada yada, Kenson decides to be two-sided about the situation saying she wants to see the reapers come and it would be a good thing for her. I had the option to shoot her but since I'm trying to be a complete angel I didn't and now she ran off to neverland and I have to stop her. So we go through the shooting enemies, and obstacles just to get to the controls to launch "the project". Of course it happens and the Alpha Relay is no more. Only bad thing about it is all the batarians are blowed up with it. So should shepard receive praises or face some consequences... I guess we will see on Mass Effect 3.

This DLC was o.k. it wasn't the best there was no excitement to it, it was just a connection between 2 games. I felt Lair of the Shadowbroker was the best because hearing about this "shadowbroker" had alot of suspense. You keep thinking "who is this shadowbroker... I wanna go kick his ass just because I hear his name so much and don't know who he is". To infiltrate his lair and finally face and beat him , making liara the new shadowbroker was very intense... for me anyways. So anyone who is thinking of getting the arrival DLC don't look for a three course meal just look for an appetizer.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leaked: Another Assassin's Creed

When I logged into Gamespot the first thing that caught my eye was that information on the new assassin's creed game was "leaked" on facebook. C'mon now you just don't "leak" on an accident, you obviously wanted your fans to "leak" in their pants..... and I did. Rumors are that it was suppose to be a spin off with Altair which he was cool and all but Ezio was the main man for me, he was very confident and witty. There is no information on who, what, when, where, and why but I'm gonna' start saving up me coins.

LittleBigPlanet 2:Review

How can you make a game so freakin' cute! and not only cute but super duper uper zuper, buper, cuper fun (I know those aren't words but you get my point).

LittleBigPlanet 2 is dedicated to Sackboy (or girl) to helping Larry da Vinci  defeating Negativitron before  he takes over the cosmos. Of course every level has a different character that needs your help and joins you end the end to help defeat the ultra meanie of the game. Characters you meet in this game are:
larry da vinci

victoria von bathysphere
clive handforth
avalon centrifuge
eve silva paragorica
Dr.Herbert Higginbotham
The gameplay is the same as the first one  except you get to ride new furry creatures like furry rabbits, dogs, cats and a bee. There are also additional toys to play with such as the paint and water gun. Tons of new costumes are added to game to suit your personality. My favorite of all the costumes was the mrs sun costume it was just so pretty and elegant.

Of course the best part about littlebigplanet is playing the different levels that people create. When I first played everyone was making zombie levels since zombies are the thing now. Some were ok and some were overwhelming like someone just threw a ton of zombies in a level that were impossible to kill. I played a demo of a level that was suppose to resemble assassin's creed which was pretty cool with the costume and everything. There was one level that wasn't actually a level to play but more of a video and to me it was entertaining. Someone's sack person was singing "PEANUT BUTTA' JELLY TIME!"

one of my goals is to make my own level. I don't know what to make, maybe I'll start off basic, put something to hop over and call it a level, lol.
Overall this game is one of a kind, and its the one game I can play with my 4 year old without it being so "kiddy", he enjoys it so much. I loved the last level when your going to defeat negativitron, there is a part where  where it looks like an old pixel game...... This game is just FREAKIN CUTE OKAY!

Sackboy is the new teddy bear.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What does being a "gamer" really mean?

I was reading the latest issue of  my favorite game magazine and I came across  a mini article called "I will educate you". It was an article written by someone (I'll leave the name anonymous because I'm not trying to bash anyone) who is giving a definition to the term "gamer" so we can feel superior to those who fail to meet our criteria, and to sum it up this person basically says a gamer is not someone who plays social games, plays mainstream games, or reaches prestige five in call of duty. This person also mentions that real gamers don't play popular games but underground indie pc titles, bizarre imports from tiny European countries, and poorly localized RPG's with arcaic mechanics... basically playing games no one has heard of, and if you disagree then you are not a hardcore gamer.

I understand this person has an opinion but I feel the term "gamer" shouldn't be taken so seriously it just takes the fun out of everything. There are some people who spend 200+ hours on RPG's just so they accomplished everything in the game. There are some people who play a single game 3 or 4 times in a row just to obtain all the trophies, and reaching level five prestige in Call of Duty... I feel that is a big thing because that takes ALOT OF TIME (if your not cheating). I feel anyone who puts in a lot of hard work in every game they play (no matter what the game is) is a dedicated gamer, and not the type of gamer who just plays games just to beat them, but that is just MY opinion. I have compared my profile with others on my friends list and I am not on any of their levels. I've seen some of the things you have to do to get platinum trophies and if you have more than 5 platinum trophies then I truly applaud you on your dedication. For the people with 20+ trophies.... I am speechless... and they always say "pimpin' ain't easy".

I just feel the term "gamer" shouldn't be taken so seriously. Everyone has their own style of gaming and it should be respected, we shouldn't have live by someone's standards. We should discontinue the word gamer, everyone is a gamer in their own way.:)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I subscribed to Gamefly

After months of hearing about it I finally subscribed to Gamefly. One main reason I subscribed to Gamefly was to try out games I was "iffy" about playing. I could of bought it and traded it in but sometimes you can't even get the half the value you paid for when you first bought it, and those go for the games that are medium to least popular compared to the games you get 30 dollars for… but those are the games  you want to keep.

One thing about subscription services is they always have options that make you buy the best value. When I first clicked on the Gamefly page  it had "start for only 7.95 or try for free". I was like ok that isn't bad so I clicked in and saw the options….. OH 7.95  for the first month, (they always have a way to draw people in) and 15.95 every month after that for 1 game out at a time. Then another option was 10 days free trial and then 22.95 every month for two games out at a time. And then the final option (well it was the first option) was 11.95 for the first month and 22.95 every month after. Right off I knew the free trial wasn't the best deal because it will take like 2-4 days for your game to get here so that is at least four days taken from  your trial and you don't even have the game, then you get charged 22.95 on the 11th day…. I don't think so gamefly.

So I have the best value, 2 games out at a time , I get to keep them as long as I want, if I want to purchase them I can click the option and they "say" they will give you the case and booklet with  it, and you also have the option to trade in game for membership fees. The only thing about this is availability of the game. If it is low there is a chance you won't get it for a while so they send you the next actual "available" game on your GameQ. It sounds exciting but I guess I will see how I really feel within a month.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

To Wii or not to Wii

Me and my hubby have been debating on whether to buy a Wii or not. He thinks its not worth it, and I feel its somewhat not worth it either because I remember having a Nintendo gamecube and I only played liked less than 10 games on it. But its always those titles that are only on that system that makes you want to buy it... like Halo to xbox 360, Mario,Zelda, and Metroid to the Nintendo.

 I was scanning just to see what games were available and I ran across this... the Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Collection (*gasp*) I have to have this. I always wanted a collection of Mario games. I know it isn't every single Mario game but its the ones that remind me of my childhood, and my first experience with video games. I also missed out on alot of Zelda games. The only Zelda game I played was the very first one (*Legend of Zelda theme playing in my head*). Now I never played a Metroid game before but I keep hearing how awesome the game is.

There aren't many other titles besides those that I would like to play except for maybe Donkey Kong, and Final Fantasy crystal chronicles. I did stumble across a website that said there could possibly be a Castlevania collection (*oh joy*) then I would have to get a Wii.

It is kind of a difficult decision because I don't want to pay alot of money for something I might not be using as much as my playstation, but on the other hand....... I would like to experience these titles. And if I do get one I would like this one:

Hmmmm what to do.... what to do.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dragon Age: Revisited

It's true after all the ranting and trash talking I did with Dragon Age I have decided to give Dragon Age for the pc another shot because I will not let this game defeat me... I WILL defeat IT.

The first time I started playing Dragon Age I started off as a rogue. Now usually when I play games that require you to choose a class I almost most of the time choose a warrior because I feel like its easier. At that time I chose a rogue and I thought it would be cool but there were some things I couldn't figure out like "backstabbing" and when to steal. Most of the time when I was using my duel weapons I would miss alot and I just wanted to pull my hair out...

Well this time I started over with a warrior and I feel really confident swinging around my two-handed sword. My favorite moves to do in battle is to knock them down and then use "mighty blow" to knock half their hp off (haha). But I can't give all the credit to myself I always keep Alstair at my side, a second warrior with his sword and shield (plus I don't want to be the only person getting beat on) and I keep one rogue (Leliana) and of course one mage (Wynne) and I have the perfect team.

So far so good I pretty much made it back to where I left off the first time and a little farther. If I happen to make it to the end with this game I will happily buy the "Awakening" expansions and maybe , maybe, maybe try Dragon Age 2. I played the Demo some time ago, and I wasn't too crazy about it... first it was because it took the whole day to download the demo and second..... it just didn't seem too exciting but I would give a go because I would like the see what happens in that series of Dragon Age.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi: I'm 26 years old and I play Little Big Planet

Soooooo..... I kind of need some gamer advice.

I was playing the community levels on Little Big Planet 2 one fine afternoon and a window popped up saying someone wanted to join the level with me, so I did. We played the level untill we beat it and then we ended back in the pod. He added me as a friend and I accepted. The first thing he asked me was how old I was, I said 26. You know how you can animate your characters face, well this is what he did:

Then he said "eeeerrrrrrr uuuhhhhhhh". Then I asked "how old are you?" He kept beating around the bush till finally he admitted he was 7 years old. My eyes widened a little big but I told him that we are just playing a game, and if he felt uncomfortable I understand. He said he comfortable and asked if his friend could join..... I was thinking "wow another kid" but I told him ok. So his friend joined and then he requested to be my friend. Then I was thought " I don't want to play this game and end up with a bunch of kids as friends."

Okay here are my standards on game friends, If I do have friends on the PSN I would "prefer" them to be 18 and over. Now I know we play games with people and have no clue  how old they are, and their personality, after all we are just playing a game and having fun right? The friends I already had on the PSN never asked my age and neither did I asked theirs, but I'm still cool with them. I do have nieces and nephews that age and I do play games with them but I just feel like this is different. One thing I think about is the parents... do they want their child talking to someone who is 19 years older than them. Another thing I think about I just feel comfortable playing with people at least "of age".

My question is should I just let it go, it's just a game we are not meeting each other we are just having fun?
or should I delete them as a friend because of the superior age difference, for the sake of the parents... and myself?

What would you do?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Borderlands Theme song

Every time I cut on the game I have to let this song play at least once, and as I have seen this band has become very known after doing the Borderlands theme. Ain't no rest for wicked by cage the elephant

Borderlands: Review

I believe this Borderlands has won game of the year on the video game awards a couple years back, but if I'm wrong then I do know that it has had alot of  great reviews and I can't believe that I doubted this game knowing how much I like RPG's, but I think it was the first person shooter part that threw me off.... that's why. I already beat this game twice (once solo, once co-op), and I'm going for my third time around to get my platinum trophy... Yes

I love the cel- shaded graphics, I feel like everything pops with all the color vibrancy, and it never made the game boring.

Another thing I adored in this game is the humor from hearing the bandits talk to little disclamers about certain main characters:

The character selection was ok, you at least got a character that fits your need:
 you have your soldier (Roland) that specializes in all weaponry and is very good with support for the team (ammo regeneration, health regeneration). Brick is of course good with his hands and rocket launchers (big man... big guns). Lilith is good with elemental damage and when combined with her phasewalk ability can corrode, explode, and ignite those non G.E.D having bandits. And of course besides the girl my favorite character is Mordecai. He specializes in snipers, revolvers (and oh man can a revolver get any job done in minutes), and his trusty pet bloodwing which can no doubt save your life in very very hostile situations.

The story is pretty straight forward, a guardian angel (which later on you find out is a satellite in orbit branded by hyperion) is guiding the vault-hunters into obtaining all the vault pieces and and finally opening the vault after 200 years. What's inside I'll leave a mystery, but you would kind of expect a sort of ending.
I have completed 2 of 4 downloadable content for this game and of course the one I liked the best was the Robo-lution with the ninja-assassin claptrap. In this content the cute little claptraps whom were being abused by the bandits lash back and create everyone as claptraps (meaning everyone having "trap" as a suffix to their name so I guess I would be Kelli-trap):

 In the end you fight a super-sized gi-nourmous claptrp, and after that fell to my revolver of course you fight the real ninja assassin claptrap a regular size claptrap that was no match to my revolver:

 I didn't so much care for Dr. Ned's Zombie Island, but I figure it was made because zombie games are becoming popular. Straightforward the story is about a guy named Dr. Ned who apparently turns everyone into zombies and such, and it did include a pumpkin head man, werewolves,  Frankenstein, and bats which all fell with the couple shots from my revolver. So we of course we have to go and kill Dr. Ned and everyone is saved... yeeeea. At one point I did have a problem with one of the werewolf bosses only because he was so freakin' fast but again... he did fall to my revolver.

I am halfway through to beating this one. I defeated general knoxx and all but the main part to complete is to beat a boss who is at level 61 (which is also the last boss to help me aquire my platinum trophy). I'm level 49 so far and I will for sure press on to beat him. In this content you ride vehicles mostly and I'm not very fond it because it's just plain annoying. Sometimes your hunk of vehicle gets stuck and you have to run another mile to find another "catch-a-ride"
station powered by scooter (get you one).

Last but not least (may I say it's the one I play the least) is Moxxi's underdome. It's a tournament that has 3 levels that are 5 rounds, 5 waves each. If you like just going around shooting people this is for you but it got really boring to me and I got really pissed when I lost and it set me back 2 rounds. After a few rounds there are handicaps like: no shields... only shotguns work, enemies health regenerate, and other bs, but I will complete it one day just so its another accomplishment under my belt.

Did I tell you how much I love revolvers????