Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saints Row The Third: Review

Gangstas in SPAAAAAACE!.. C'mon... really,  I've waited so long to play this game only to be disappointed. Before I played this game I've read alot of bad reviews on this game that I didn't want to believe with the highest complaint being that it was repetitive... and it was so true. Most games I play leave me with that "excellent game feeling", and have me sitting on the edge of my seat but after I beat this game I was sitting on my couch and said..... "ok".


Of course the story always remains the same; the saints dominate the other gangs to take over the city, and in the end becoming heroes, short and simple but let me tell you the game started out awesome: doing combos on enemies, jumping out planes, shooting enemies while your falling like you would see in the movies, and then the meter dropped drastically as the game progressed; constantly doing most missions in a helicopter (which by the way I hate), beating up enemies with a blow up doll, and toy sharks, ridiculous costumes with this being one of them:

You got flushed

yes you can dress up as a toilet for your character. For me, I felt like it swayed away from the "hard gangsta perspective" to "comedian gangstas" so it wasn't as fun as the Saints Row 2. You can still do alot of the same activites, assassinations, and vehicle thefts plus some extra like escort with a tiger to conquer your fears, and the dangerous television show Genki Bowl VII.


Before I play another installment to the game I would always think bout the graphics of the last installment and think "I bet the graphics are going to be beautiful". In this case it looks the same as the last one. One thing that kind of upsets me is when you make your character, and you think your character looks so hot, but when the game starts their head looks the size of a balloon.


There weren't too many exciting characters in the game to remember down the line when it comes to the best villian or hero, and even goofiest character. In my opinion I felt like the characters were just there, and there were no actual "character"in them, but I can give just some little props.
 First of all I love what they did with then new Shaundi, with her new look came more attitude.

 Pierce is still pierce but he doesn't get dis-respected as much in this one. Some of the new characters include Zimos the auto-tune pimp:

T-pain ain't got nothing on me
You don't really see him much in the game unless someone is messing with his ho's.... then its on.
Oleg is the team's big man, the enemy basically used him to clone brutes which are fun to fight.

Kinzie is the team's brains and does all the hacking and such plus she is very bossy.

The main villians' of the game were Killbane "the walking apocolypse" who wants to rid the saints. He wasn't one to be crossed and he will show you the light male or female

Stag was the new military group called to extinguish the saints, and they come heavy: tanks equipped with incenterators, jets with laser beams, soldiers with shields (but that didn't stop me), and everyone else heavily armored. Later on in the game they get smart and put up cement barriers so you can bomb through their road block.


The intro was a real head-bobber, just like the Borderlands theme song I had to let this one play out for at least a minute. One feature I like in the game is that you can make your own mixtape of songs YOU want to hear, so instead of listening to all the songs on one radio station you can take one from each station and make your own playlist. By far these were the songs I was jamming to during the whole game:

"No easy way out" is a great song to hear when you are surrounded by gangs and their vehicles. Yea I played the mess out these four songs. Of course there were other cool songs but I'm just in the old-school music mood right now.


Alot of the DLC... excuse me ALL of the DLC are not worth the money unless you really enjoyed this game. I'm surprised you can buy cheats that you can earn in the game like unlimited ammo and immunibility to mostly all damage (except melee). Let me tell you I earned my unlimited ammo and immunibility and for the moment it felt MAG-NI-FI-CENT! It just felt great to take out my smg's and shoot everyone in sight, yes even the man in the hot-dog costume I spilled his ketchup.

If you are a huge saints fan and enjoy differnt versions of game titles you may love this game but for those who have high expectations, you may not want to waste your money on buying it, just rent it.