Thursday, October 13, 2011

Funny moments of Portal 2

I didn't think Portal 2 was going to be at the top of my favorites, and gee golly it is, all because of the humor. Here are some bits of humor from Portal 2 *WARNING THE LAST VIDEO CONTAINS A SPOILER!!!* for those of you wanting to play the game buy hasn't yet. I did post alot of videos so it's probably best to just sample a little of each.

 Fact sphere:

 Defective turrets: its funnier when you play the game

 Adventure shere (rick)

Turret quotes: I just like how they talk

*SPOILER* I'm in space:

Dead Space 2 Review

I'm not a real fan of horror games, but I make myself play some from time to time to keep my gaming experience different. First I have to say that for a horror game, this wasn't all that scary. Here and there you will get the lights to cut out and monsters "play BOO" but after a while it's like "alright I already know what weapon I'm gonna' use on you", instead of the sudden scare and you can't think straight. Even the monstrous babies weren't scary, but don't get to close cuz' they do pack a punch.

isn't it cute!


The game had a great story, and even though I didn't play the first one I know it had a great continuation. The main character Issac Clarke has lost his memory for the past three years. Him and another character (Nolan Stross who suffers from dementia  ) were supposedly responsible for building the marker:

no not that marker, this marker:

that caused the great infestation of nasty-looking creatures. The goal is to make the marker whole and free his mind from the marker's influence, and Nicole's vision. Of course there are some suspenseful in-betweens like: an eyeball on a stick, and this great guy:

If you play Dead Space 2 you'll see what I mean.

Game play

I liked the suits, I thought they were really cool-looking (especially the helmets)

 I wish they had just a couple more to choose from. I even like the animation when you buy a new suit, he gets into the machine and comes back out like he's bad, lol. The weapon selection was okay. I did like how they had alternate fire with each weapon, and that makes it very useful for certain situations.

The controls were pretty straight forward your typical first-person shooter buttons, the only button that pissed me off was the circle button which was the instant-heal button. Yes it's great, but I always pressed it accidently, and end up wasting my health, and health doesn't come cheap, and is rare to find if you play the harder levels.


Of course with horror games you have to have the horror music, but it didn't occur very much throughout the game. I guess they needed some surprises huh. I did like the ending theme song. It was a great piece to hear after defeating the boss, it really relaxed me and let me know it was over. Check it out:


I gave this game a 8.5 mainly because I felt a horror game could have been more scarier, although since I'm not a horror game fan it was alright with me, lol, I'm just speaking for the horror game fanatics. Lookout for Dead Space 3, you know it ain't over.