Thursday, October 13, 2011

Funny moments of Portal 2

I didn't think Portal 2 was going to be at the top of my favorites, and gee golly it is, all because of the humor. Here are some bits of humor from Portal 2 *WARNING THE LAST VIDEO CONTAINS A SPOILER!!!* for those of you wanting to play the game buy hasn't yet. I did post alot of videos so it's probably best to just sample a little of each.

 Fact sphere:

 Defective turrets: its funnier when you play the game

 Adventure shere (rick)

Turret quotes: I just like how they talk

*SPOILER* I'm in space:


  1. I never finished the 1st Portal hehehe

  2. I haven't played any of the portal. When I mention this to other gamers, its like I committed some horrible crime,lol....I just don't have time to play all the games. maybe some day.

  3. @ oliver I never finished the first one either. I should though.

    @ blake I know what you mean. I haven't played many of the zelda games and I feel like I'm gonna get jumped for it, lol.

  4. Good to see you enjoyed it Kelli. Stephen Merchant was a riot throughout the game. Fit so well into Portal. Wonder if they can work Ricky Gervais in there for a third outing :)

  5. Kelli, you haven't done a post in like a month! It'd be nice to hear from you soon :)

  6. I know it's been forever. When I first started this blog I had alot more time on my hands, but now that I'm doing full time school, and soon to have a full time job it's getting harder for me to do blogging, which is kind of a shame since I took a web design course, I could revamp my whole blog. I 'm still pondering if I should erase it or not.

  7. yeah...get on that!!...revamp the Shiznot outta this Hizhouse...sorry..that's about as hip hop as I can get.

    I know..its hard to find time.Especially, with family, job, terminators..its a rough world out there. But we can do it...just one terminator at a time.

  8. lol, I wish I could shrink you and put you in my pocket when I need a good laugh..... fa sho'