Saturday, August 21, 2010

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition: Review

First of all I would like to say that is was a fun Resident Evil to play, because my heart was in tact the whole time. I have heard in forums where people say that Resident Evil needs to go back to its roots (I guess the zombies, and the darkness) which I can understand that is what made "Resident Evil" and that is what people want but I catching heart attacks all the time am glad to have some relief.

Let's get into some pros:

1. The graphics were excellent.
2. If you like stories and the history of games I can say this is a good one. Playing "Lost in Nightmares" taught me that this whole virus thing started because some old guy was trying to prevent his aging, and with all this history of viruses it just made me want to play the other Resident Evil games (the ones I haven't played besides the first second and fourth resident evil games).
3. I liked that the Gold Edition was well worth 60 dollars with all the extra content and online play. I got so hooked on playing the mercenaries reunion that I decided not to sell the game back now. I loved playing with Excella she is such a diva, lol.

Check out this diva kick
And who didn't like playing as Chris Redfield with the gatling gun.... uh huh don't act like you didn't use him to get the extra levels open, I know I did.

Now let's get to those cons, and alot has to do with the AI:

1. I really REALLY hate "sticking" when I'm shooting, or knifing. C'mon now, realistically, would you see someone stay in one spot when when they are trying to cut somebody it just doesn't make sense. It would be nice if we are able to move when we are shooting or cutting somebody.
2. I can't stand the limited carrying space. No, I'm not trying to carry everything but when you find so much in the level its hard to figure out what you want to throw away. But I guess I can't complain, it could have been like Resident Evil 4 and have the weapons taking up 4 slots.
3. I hate when I go to open the menu and it doesn't pause the game. I know I have to think fast but sometimes you need that extra time to exchange stuff with your partner because they pick up stuff they shouldn't be having in the first place.
4. Here we go, the AI........SUCKS for a single player game. It pisses me off when my partner is wasting ammo. I'm up here trying to use the machine gun thing the enemy was using and they don't give her the sense to move aside and shoot, instead, she is shooting me and have the nerve to say "I'm out of ammo".......................................... YEA I BET YOU ARE. LET ME PICK THE BULLETS OUT MY BODY!!!!!!

In other words if we are gonna play with an AI, make them with some sense, but it is fun when you have someone else controlling the second player depending on who your partner is. Mine was greedy and always like to be the leader but don't know how to communicate..... (I love you hunny).

The enemies were something else. I couldn't stand this one:

don't let them get a hold of you or that's it. I could say I hated the lickers and Gatling gun majini but if you have the right weapons they aren't so bad.......... maybe.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5. I would definitely play it again and this time beat it on veteran. Oh and another thing, some of those costumes were wack emphasis on the warrior costume for chris redfield.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Castlevania Lords of Shadow: My opinion

Although I haven't played every Castlevania game I have been a small fan of this game series. It was the mythical creatures, and the game art that kept me interested, and it has gotten  better with every series made. I remember playing the first castlevania game:

I love how classic the whip is

 Ah my first 2-D side-scrolling game. I don't think I ever beat that game. The main character in this castlevania series don't even look like he's going to fight a Dracula, he looks like a barbarian hunter. Now I wish I could find this game so I can re-live the memories of a highly pixelated  game.

This guy looks like he's going to fight a Dracula:

This is what I like to see. This is what actually made me become a fan and continue to play this series.. maybe even go back and play a marathon of castlevania games.

Now look how far Castlevania has gotten:

At first I was excited but when I saw the game trailer again I couldn't help find that to me ( this is just my thought) it kind of steered away from the previous castlevania-esqe theme. It looked more like a God of War game from the fighting, and the way the character moves through-out the game. The only reason I would play this game is because of the story it seemed interesting "Lords" has an "s" in it and the two masks just makes it mysterious.

Here is the main character in Lords of Shadow:

He looks like a buffer version of the guy in the first Castlevania. Maybe his attire has a slight Castlevania-esqe look but I still feel like the look is dying away. Maybe the creator (Kojima) wanted a change and that's cool... your money, your game, but I still like the old feel.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Greatest Game villain

I was checking out Gamespots choices for "All time greatest game villain" and I was thinking wow, some of these villains I don't even know, and they really go way back into the 90's games. I don't have a long list of greatest villains as I do greatest heroes. Everyone's  definition of a "great" villain may be different,  but to me a great villain is someone who left an impression that I will never forget, someone who says they are going to rule the world, destroy me, and make me believe it. Sure every villain says it but most are not believable, I gotta BELIEVE!! You know a villain is bad when they come with their own theme song like one of my favorites and probably everybody elses; Sephiroth

Who did not fall in love with this one-winged angel. To be one of the Elite members of Soldier he had to be the baddest. Just his look says he's bad: the trench coat, long silver/white hair and the masamune plus a theme
song that says his name. I didn't really consider Sephiroth a bad guy, well wanting to wipe out the human race yes that makes him bad but he wanted to do it for a good reason.... right? Since I'm still playing Crisis Core I also got to add his buddies as being one of  the baddest game villains; Genesis, and Angeal:

It's cool when a villain makes you want to read a  poem called "LOVELESS" by the way he cites it. Not only that but he did seem he could be just as strong as Sephiroth. Now Angeal on the other hand I know he wasn't "bad" bad but I think he was just as powerful as Sephiroth and Genesis.I just wish Angeal didn't have to turn into some freakish looking monster. Why did he have to go out like that?

I don't know if anyone remembers this one but before you see the image.... don't judge a book by its cover. He may seem like he's weak but he packs a punch, and he rides a silver dragon; Kuja (FF IX):

or maybe you will accept him in his trance form:

ok... well it may not have made it better but just Kuja's theme song, and the silver dragon was enough to win me over. He was the one that did most of the work "villaining" ( I know , it's not a word) in the game. I mean the last boss of this game Necron  just showed up at the very end of the game... ummmm who are you, because your name wasn't even mentioned throughout this whole game. It was Kuja who made the game.

My last favorite villain , and it should be yours after you saw that fight scene between him and Raiden..... YES VAMP:

I have never seen.... a vampire..... so bad...... so swift..... so..... smooth. He didn't really show enough in Metal Gear Solid 2, but in Metal Gear Solid 4 he has shown all that he was capable of. If you haven't played MGS4: guns of the patriots yet, I promise it will be a game worth playing.  Gamespot did mention Revolver Ocelot in the running of one of the greatest villains but he is no comparison to Vamp.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What' up with Activision?

The name Activision has been flying across my computer screen so many times that I have decided to look up why. I have come to find out that people think they supposedly do not support female characters in games. There may be other issues but that seemed to be the biggest issue addressed. I also ran across some other links of them stating that it wasn't true. Sometimes I hear alot of female gamers complain about the lack of a female role in a video game, and others don't care what the character is as long as it is interesting. Well here is what I think:

I remember the first ever female character I ever played when I started playing games:

yes the lovely Kitana and Mileena. I played Kitana more because I thought fighting with a fan was bad-apples. Then I believe the next female character I played with was blade from the streets of rage series:

She was decent of course the guys were alot stronger than her but I still rocked her. I can't remember every girl character I played.... it wasn't many anyways but it soon came to Laura Croft in the Tomb Raider series, the various female characters in fighting games, and any game that let you create a female game character.

When a game comes out that features a female character that doesn't make me eager to buy it because like what most gamers say "it has to be interesting". I do like playing female characters because I feel a female character can be empowering and save the day just as a male character could. Most female characters made are just there for their looks. You know how many times I have read people write perverted things about female game characters. In any role playing or action game a female character always have the low stats or are used for "magic casting" purposes, for instance, yuna from the Final fantasy X and X-2 series, to me they made all three of them look cheesy. I know she was soft and such in the beginning but  I think if they wanted to save the world she could be just slightly more hardcore.

Now I think the baddest mama-jama female character role was the little lady from the "wet" game. Just looking at the cover just made me want to look up game trailers, and it was nice that they gave her some bad moves to go with that look they gave her. That was the best game I ever saw that had a good role for a female. I may have overlooked some other female characters, and if so feel free to tell me.

So I guess my conclusion is I'm not gonna boycott for lack of good female characters, but I do feel like they can make female characters more worthy of a lead role. Why can't they just create a role meant for a male character and slap a females face on it.... sounds simple... unless i'm missing something in the equation.