Sunday, February 27, 2011

Borderlands Theme song

Every time I cut on the game I have to let this song play at least once, and as I have seen this band has become very known after doing the Borderlands theme. Ain't no rest for wicked by cage the elephant

Borderlands: Review

I believe this Borderlands has won game of the year on the video game awards a couple years back, but if I'm wrong then I do know that it has had alot of  great reviews and I can't believe that I doubted this game knowing how much I like RPG's, but I think it was the first person shooter part that threw me off.... that's why. I already beat this game twice (once solo, once co-op), and I'm going for my third time around to get my platinum trophy... Yes

I love the cel- shaded graphics, I feel like everything pops with all the color vibrancy, and it never made the game boring.

Another thing I adored in this game is the humor from hearing the bandits talk to little disclamers about certain main characters:

The character selection was ok, you at least got a character that fits your need:
 you have your soldier (Roland) that specializes in all weaponry and is very good with support for the team (ammo regeneration, health regeneration). Brick is of course good with his hands and rocket launchers (big man... big guns). Lilith is good with elemental damage and when combined with her phasewalk ability can corrode, explode, and ignite those non G.E.D having bandits. And of course besides the girl my favorite character is Mordecai. He specializes in snipers, revolvers (and oh man can a revolver get any job done in minutes), and his trusty pet bloodwing which can no doubt save your life in very very hostile situations.

The story is pretty straight forward, a guardian angel (which later on you find out is a satellite in orbit branded by hyperion) is guiding the vault-hunters into obtaining all the vault pieces and and finally opening the vault after 200 years. What's inside I'll leave a mystery, but you would kind of expect a sort of ending.
I have completed 2 of 4 downloadable content for this game and of course the one I liked the best was the Robo-lution with the ninja-assassin claptrap. In this content the cute little claptraps whom were being abused by the bandits lash back and create everyone as claptraps (meaning everyone having "trap" as a suffix to their name so I guess I would be Kelli-trap):

 In the end you fight a super-sized gi-nourmous claptrp, and after that fell to my revolver of course you fight the real ninja assassin claptrap a regular size claptrap that was no match to my revolver:

 I didn't so much care for Dr. Ned's Zombie Island, but I figure it was made because zombie games are becoming popular. Straightforward the story is about a guy named Dr. Ned who apparently turns everyone into zombies and such, and it did include a pumpkin head man, werewolves,  Frankenstein, and bats which all fell with the couple shots from my revolver. So we of course we have to go and kill Dr. Ned and everyone is saved... yeeeea. At one point I did have a problem with one of the werewolf bosses only because he was so freakin' fast but again... he did fall to my revolver.

I am halfway through to beating this one. I defeated general knoxx and all but the main part to complete is to beat a boss who is at level 61 (which is also the last boss to help me aquire my platinum trophy). I'm level 49 so far and I will for sure press on to beat him. In this content you ride vehicles mostly and I'm not very fond it because it's just plain annoying. Sometimes your hunk of vehicle gets stuck and you have to run another mile to find another "catch-a-ride"
station powered by scooter (get you one).

Last but not least (may I say it's the one I play the least) is Moxxi's underdome. It's a tournament that has 3 levels that are 5 rounds, 5 waves each. If you like just going around shooting people this is for you but it got really boring to me and I got really pissed when I lost and it set me back 2 rounds. After a few rounds there are handicaps like: no shields... only shotguns work, enemies health regenerate, and other bs, but I will complete it one day just so its another accomplishment under my belt.

Did I tell you how much I love revolvers????

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood : The Review

The first thing I want to mention on this game and rest of the Assassin's Creed line is the beauty of Renaissance Italy. As I play this game walking in the streets of Rome I feel like I am present admiring the Roman architecture, and people conversing in the streets. One of my favorite things to do in this game is synchronizing the different areas of Rome to admire the whole surrounding from a higher point. It's so beautiful. I also am so in love with the Italian language, it just sounds so sexy with a deep voice. All this makes me want to drop everything and visit Italy but I probably won't get the same feeling as from the Renaissance time.

There were a few new additions to the game which made the game even better. First of course the "brotherhood" meaning recruiting a brotherhood of assassin's to fight with you... or in some instances for you. I can not tell you how cool it is to snap my fingers and every Templar before me is dead (but that is only when the bar is full). You start off saving these innocent people and then with your encouraging words help them to find courage to fight for what is right, and with time they can become the rank of an assassin (doesn't mean they top Ezio though).

Another new addition to the game is the Romulus Lairs which inhabited by some men dressed in fur.... and they are not friendly.

Some of the lairs are more difficult than others but there is a great reward at the end once you collect all the romulus keys, the armor of brutus. Although it looks all fancy and is the most powerful armor in the game I think it's a little too heavy to be climbing, and jumping across buildings... just sayin'.

In addition to renovating the city, you can also renovate guilds  (thieves, mercenaries, courtesan's) in old buildings throughout the city so you can have a good escape plan if you happen to be around the corner. You can also level up the guilds and receive special items upon completion.

Another big part of the game is the MULTIPLAYER. At first I was frustrated with it because it took years to find a match, but once it got rolling I was able to get the hang of it and surprisingly calling it one of the multiplayers that I am actually good at. This is also the first multiplayer that I came in first place TWICE. If you need a break from shooting this is a change. How fun is it to try to assassinate the target given to you while staying "incogneto" and as you level up you can gain perks (also like call of duty). Somtimes you will get frustrated because there are many other duplicates of your target but you have to watch carefully for "different" movements.

Of course the game not only focuses on Ezio but on Desmond, and they finally caught up to that apple of Eden, and let me tell you what an ending to see... it leaves you with so many questions, but when you try to find the answers online it is surprising to see how many different answers there are.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is the only game I have spent over 100 dollars (Collectors Edition) its comes with all this:

This is the box it came in... neat huh...
 a bonus content disc...
 a  map of Rome and on the opposite side are autographs from the developers...

A jack in the box SWEET...

and of course some concept art.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fallout New Vegas :Catchy Songs

The best games always have the best soundtracks. When I first played fallout 3 It was weird to me that they were playing songs from the early 1900's  ( around that time period), but after a while it became really cool to me. These are some of the songs that stay stuck in my head:

Big Iron

Goin Under:

Johnny Guitar:

and this song is my favorite.. It stays in my head (because it's so dang catchy) Here's the live version

Movin' Out:

Fallout New Vegas: The Review

Welcome to the Mojave Wasteland! I truly enjoy the fallout series and especially this one because of the different factions, and the consequences or rewards you get for betraying, or helping a group. Some of the major factions were:

 After all my talk about trying to be bad in New Vegas I ended up siding with the good guys anyways. Is it sad that I still have a heart even if I'm playing a game. I was actually sorry that I got someone killed, and lured her so that they won't kill me (sad).

Ceasar's Legion the enemy (or good guys which ever you prefer). I was on their side and Mr Houses:
side for a while until I got a quest from these guys:
stating if I continue to help either of these that they will turn hostile towards me. This is the exciting part because it is endless possibilities of what could happen in the game, and there is also an option to go independent and kill everybody but I would never attempt that.

 I loved some of the new weapons in the game including the "Oh Baby" upgraded Sledge:

I was knockin' everyone the *bleep* out with this one. I also liked how they narrowed down some of the skills for example leveling up guns means "all guns" and not separately leveling up: energy weapons, big guns, and small guns, that was so annoying.

The followers were awesome too. each person following you gives you a perk which can alter how you perform. My favorite follower of that whole game was Boone:

He always ALWAYS had my back shooting from a distance. When paired with Ed-E:

a robot that gives a higher perception, Boone is able to see enemies farther away that I can't see and snipe them. HOT DOG that was my team.

O-kay here comes the negative. First..... HOW BOUT THEM DEATHCLAWS!!!!

And I'm talking about the baby ones, I'm talking FULL-GROWN-TAKE-YOUR-HEAD-OFF. I couldn't even get to this area because the minute I waste all my energy killing 2 deathclaws, one comes silently behind me and swipes me in half (if anyone has a strategy for killing deathclaws please share).

Second, I couldn't understand all the ammo conversion. It's hard enough to know what ammo goes with what weapon, being, some are easy to remember like 10mm, 9mm, and such others.... not so much.

Lastly and MOST IMPORTANT..................................... THE GAME WAS FREEZING ON ME EVERY...... FREAKIN... TIME..... I.... PLAYED!!!!!!!!!! Not only that but it did it at least 5 times in one game sitting, and I was so excited to play PC version until all that.

But in conclusion I still love this game.

Also I have a funny story..well it might not be funny, but for those of you who played New Vegas all know that when you dismiss a follower he/she is to stay where you tell them to until you come get them again.. For half the game I didn't know where the heck Boone was, I thought it was a glitch in the game. Now tell me why, when I was traveling across the wasteland, I saw boone walking, and walking with a limp. I was thinking "Where the heck have you been" and " Is this dude going to fight the Legion by himself? I mean I know he hates them and he wants to kill them but I told him to stay in the dinosaur head."

My biggest pet peeve about buying games

I'm not trying to act like I'm too good for certain things but I am very picky when it comes to buying games.

Now there were a few times I purchased a "new" game at gamestop and the case was already open. One time I have gotten an open case with a sticker closing the side. I never bothered asking why they did that , but as soon as i got outside the store I checked the disk for scratches and jelly stains... the disk seemed new so I didn't make a big deal. Now there was was a time my hubby bought me a game and the case looked like this:

Before he even let me say anything (because he know was I was about to ask) he told me it was a new game and that they didn't have any cases for it.. hmmm so I'm thinking don't all "new" games come in "new" cases because they are "new" and "new" things are never opened. You don't see Walmart selling anything like this, and from the story my hubby told me it sounded like the employee was lazy and had an attitude. If I were in the store I would have said "look dude, you might be having a rough day but I enjoy ripping plastic off my games, and I do enjoy the cover art work. I'm even so picky about letting people borrow our games because I want them back the way that I bought them, and believe me I take really good care of my games.

The same thing almost happened again when my hubby went to buy Little Big Planet 2, but this time my hubby told them he wanted a copy with plastic on it, and it seemed like other customers were getting the same problem as well.

I don't want to buy my games anywhere else, and especially since now they have the powerup card so now my purchases count towards something. Just please Game-stop give me a new game with plastic on it.