Sunday, September 19, 2010

Excessively Bloody games: what's the deal?

I have noticed that 3 out of every 5 games I play are so excessively bloody. I don't know if blood is a turn-on for people, or it keeps them focused, but for me I don't need all the extra "graphics" just give me an option to turn it off. I know the outcome when someone gets stabbed I don't need it overly expressed. One game caught me by surprise, Fairy Tale Fights on PSN. I thought it was a little innocent game, and that maybe I can let my 3 year old watch me try it out. So when I started playing and got a hold of my first weapon and started attacking..... GUSH! GUSH! GUSH! SPLASH! Half my screen is covered in blood:

Dang, I'd hate to play a Bambi game, lol.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dragon Age Origins: It's a little better but I'm still pulling out my hair.

Things have gotten a little better with this game. Since my hubby played this on the ps3 he told me what I was doing wrong, here it is: The game pauses (if you click that option for it to do so) when you have entered battle and from there you choose how you want to play this battlefield. I didn't know I could click on other characters and choose their actions and most importantly who to attack because once a battle began everybody just attacks whomever and everybody dies off quickly. So once he told me that I was like "heeeey now i might enjoy this game....... halfway enjoyable.

There are still a few things that stress me out:

1. The lack of potions or poultices that a merchant sells- its so hard to contain a good amount of poultices because my character use them up so fast even though I set their tactics to (health < 25% use poultice). We are able to make our own poultices but you only find so much supplies when exploring, and it doesn't help that a merchant only sells 3 or 4 poultices and an infinite of everything else you don't need much of. I guess they expect you to make your own stuff, but to make better quality items you have to highly skilled in that area.

2. When in battle my characters "miss" so dang much it doesn't make sense- I understand you have to level up that certain attribute to improve that area but I hate it when I have 4 people fighting one enemy and they are down to a drop of life and they all miss like 7 times in a row, WTF SOMEBODY KILL IT ALREADY!

3. I hate that there is a recharge time on magic- so once you find a mage with a healing spell your like YEEEESSSS! but once you cast that spell there is a certain amount of time before it recharges so when someone else is dying your like hurry up, hurry up, hurry up I don't want to waste my poutice and BOOM your character is dead, son of a..........

4. I hate that you only get one point to level up a skill when there are so many- if your not highly skilled enough to pick a lock your out of luck, you can't get high quality items if your not skilled enough, you can't disarm traps or make any traps if your not skilled enough (geez what can I put this one point to )

Now I'm in this dream world where I'm by myself fighting off abominations and such, somehow I must save the others. I have a decent amount of poultices and I'm trying my best the make the most of my rogue abilities.

I like this game but it still stresses me out. I'm upgrading everything as I go and I'm trying to use the items I have to my ability. I stick with my "everybody attack the same person" strategy so enemies can go down faster, and I'm still pulling out my hair over battles. I have to take a days break playing this game or I might end up throwing my laptop across the street. Hopefully it gets better.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon Age Origins: ???????

I love RPG's to death and I love Fantasy but I just can't seem to get into this game. I'm only at the beginning of this game and I am dying like mad....... I don't die early  in RPG's...... I don't think anyone else dies early in RPG's either.

You only have 3 classes to choose from (warrior, mage, or thief). I chose thief because I wanted to do something different, being the one in the background shooting arrows and crippling people with my shots. NOT!!! Half my arrows miss while everyone comes and attacks me, and the only healing available is my starter 4 potions. My other characters die super fast and it always leaves me, and if I happen to make it, my other characters come back to life instantly but they have conditions now (bleeding, head trauma, or whatever). I can't stand up close and fight because I have a bow and arrow.... WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO!? I have been giving this game chance after chance after chance for a week now and I am about ready to give up. It just sucks that I bought it for PC.

I did try to start over and I made a mage this time so I can have some healing magic....... that didn't even work. I had to go through some mage trial by myself and some lighting thing was attacking me. It was all good until it started running and found another buddy help with the ambush.... BASTARD!

The other thing I can't stand about this game is the excess blood on my characters:

look at the blood on that dog for killing some rats.... c'mon now.

I know its part of the game and you do have an option to turn it off (which I did) but is this really necessary? The blood only goes away after you change armor or start another fight.

Everything else about the game seems cool and it seems like I would like this game but I'm really starting to regret buying this game. I'll give it a couple more tries.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mass Effect 2: The other stuff

Other than the different species of characters, weapons, there are the odds and ends of Mass Effect 2. A couple of things you have to do frequently in the game is hacking, and bypassing. Hacking looks alot like this:

At first it seems cool because you seem like some really smart tech person but after a few times it gets kind of annoying. First of all your timed and if you don't get it right or happen to land on one of the red x's then your locked out forever, so you will miss either some money or an upgrade, and you don't want to miss an upgrade. Bypassing looks like this:

This gets annoying too, its like playing but your being timed as well. The last of the "other stuff" is exploring the galaxy of course.

There are so many solar systems to explore to keep you busy in the game. The main reason to explore planets is to get your minerals for upgrades. Other reasons are to find extra missions which may have extra upgrades as well:

If you scan a planet to the "t" then you will get sooo bored easily, but once you get into it you'll find a way that is comfortable for you.

The last thing in the "other stuff" category is romance, and being a human you don't get many choices with other humans. If your character is a guy then you get 3 human options (1 female character you have to download). I hear some guys wish a girl like jack was real:

don't ask why. IF your a female you have 2 human options (1 male character you have to download, but I wouldn't bother because he looks like he's 50 years old.... unless you like 'em old). My character's love interest actually happens to be an alien but to me he's like a sexy alien.... yes the assassin Thane Krios:

You can flirt and fall in love, and maybe get them into your commander's quarters........ that's about it.

I already beat this game and I'm on my second time around  with the added bonuses and some downloadable content I bought online, that's just how great this game is. I'm so high off this game its like my drug, ask my hubby, he always tells me I should take a nap because I stay up late playing this game, and he see's how tired I look, I know he's right but I can't. Does anyone else feel me? What are your addicting games?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mass Effect 2: My beginning

I started playing Mass Effect 2 last week and can I say I am so hooked that I haven't seen sunlight in days until yesterday. This action RPG is everything I love in a game. It has tons of missions, the ability to create the personality of your character, on top of creating your character (I just wish they had more character building options, like hair, clothes, etc). The main character of the game is named Shepard but Shepard can be male or female so you are able to give him/her a first name. Mya Shepard is my character

an infiltrator that specializes in Sniper Rifles, Sub-Machine guns, Heavy Pistols, and Heavy Weapons. There is the Soldier specialization class that specializes in almost every weapon  but since I always seem to choose that option for games I wanted to be different, besides I love using the sniper and giving enemies a shot to the head. You can choose whether your character is nice (paragon) or ruthless (renegade) you have the choice to make options during conversation when the option pops up, either one you choose you get points to get additional conversation option later. For example a reporter wanted to interview me but since she made me look bad last time I chose a renegade option and punched her in her face (no sissy hit either). I'm nice when I feel its the need but don't cross me. I will be quick to kill you.

Characters also have different powers they can use ( upgrade, and eventually evolve to a much stronger version)  while in battle. For my character she used disrupter ammo which does extra damage with shields and barriers, cryto ammo which freezes your enemies and when shot they break to pieces, a flame power (forgot the name already) which is my favorite it burns through the shields and barriers of enemies and when evolved it can hit multiiple targets or burn through anything it touches, AI hacking that lets you take control of an enemy mech and turn it against its allies, and my last power makes me invisible to enemies for  a certain period of time and increases my power.

The other cool thing I love is the different alien species there are so many, and they act too human. Tell me would you be interested in an alien stripper?

The Asari

Me and my  team about to break someone off
The graphics of this game is just out of this world. I think this is the best I ever seen graphics.

Along with everything else you recruit different people and can pick who you want to go on a mission with (unless its a loyalty mission). There is more to the game but I will save that for another post. This is only the beginning.