Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I subscribed to Gamefly

After months of hearing about it I finally subscribed to Gamefly. One main reason I subscribed to Gamefly was to try out games I was "iffy" about playing. I could of bought it and traded it in but sometimes you can't even get the half the value you paid for when you first bought it, and those go for the games that are medium to least popular compared to the games you get 30 dollars for… but those are the games  you want to keep.

One thing about subscription services is they always have options that make you buy the best value. When I first clicked on the Gamefly page  it had "start for only 7.95 or try for free". I was like ok that isn't bad so I clicked in and saw the options….. OH 7.95  for the first month, (they always have a way to draw people in) and 15.95 every month after that for 1 game out at a time. Then another option was 10 days free trial and then 22.95 every month for two games out at a time. And then the final option (well it was the first option) was 11.95 for the first month and 22.95 every month after. Right off I knew the free trial wasn't the best deal because it will take like 2-4 days for your game to get here so that is at least four days taken from  your trial and you don't even have the game, then you get charged 22.95 on the 11th day…. I don't think so gamefly.

So I have the best value, 2 games out at a time , I get to keep them as long as I want, if I want to purchase them I can click the option and they "say" they will give you the case and booklet with  it, and you also have the option to trade in game for membership fees. The only thing about this is availability of the game. If it is low there is a chance you won't get it for a while so they send you the next actual "available" game on your GameQ. It sounds exciting but I guess I will see how I really feel within a month.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

To Wii or not to Wii

Me and my hubby have been debating on whether to buy a Wii or not. He thinks its not worth it, and I feel its somewhat not worth it either because I remember having a Nintendo gamecube and I only played liked less than 10 games on it. But its always those titles that are only on that system that makes you want to buy it... like Halo to xbox 360, Mario,Zelda, and Metroid to the Nintendo.

 I was scanning just to see what games were available and I ran across this... the Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Collection (*gasp*) I have to have this. I always wanted a collection of Mario games. I know it isn't every single Mario game but its the ones that remind me of my childhood, and my first experience with video games. I also missed out on alot of Zelda games. The only Zelda game I played was the very first one (*Legend of Zelda theme playing in my head*). Now I never played a Metroid game before but I keep hearing how awesome the game is.

There aren't many other titles besides those that I would like to play except for maybe Donkey Kong, and Final Fantasy crystal chronicles. I did stumble across a website that said there could possibly be a Castlevania collection (*oh joy*) then I would have to get a Wii.

It is kind of a difficult decision because I don't want to pay alot of money for something I might not be using as much as my playstation, but on the other hand....... I would like to experience these titles. And if I do get one I would like this one:

Hmmmm what to do.... what to do.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dragon Age: Revisited

It's true after all the ranting and trash talking I did with Dragon Age I have decided to give Dragon Age for the pc another shot because I will not let this game defeat me... I WILL defeat IT.

The first time I started playing Dragon Age I started off as a rogue. Now usually when I play games that require you to choose a class I almost most of the time choose a warrior because I feel like its easier. At that time I chose a rogue and I thought it would be cool but there were some things I couldn't figure out like "backstabbing" and when to steal. Most of the time when I was using my duel weapons I would miss alot and I just wanted to pull my hair out...

Well this time I started over with a warrior and I feel really confident swinging around my two-handed sword. My favorite moves to do in battle is to knock them down and then use "mighty blow" to knock half their hp off (haha). But I can't give all the credit to myself I always keep Alstair at my side, a second warrior with his sword and shield (plus I don't want to be the only person getting beat on) and I keep one rogue (Leliana) and of course one mage (Wynne) and I have the perfect team.

So far so good I pretty much made it back to where I left off the first time and a little farther. If I happen to make it to the end with this game I will happily buy the "Awakening" expansions and maybe , maybe, maybe try Dragon Age 2. I played the Demo some time ago, and I wasn't too crazy about it... first it was because it took the whole day to download the demo and second..... it just didn't seem too exciting but I would give a go because I would like the see what happens in that series of Dragon Age.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi: I'm 26 years old and I play Little Big Planet

Soooooo..... I kind of need some gamer advice.

I was playing the community levels on Little Big Planet 2 one fine afternoon and a window popped up saying someone wanted to join the level with me, so I did. We played the level untill we beat it and then we ended back in the pod. He added me as a friend and I accepted. The first thing he asked me was how old I was, I said 26. You know how you can animate your characters face, well this is what he did:

Then he said "eeeerrrrrrr uuuhhhhhhh". Then I asked "how old are you?" He kept beating around the bush till finally he admitted he was 7 years old. My eyes widened a little big but I told him that we are just playing a game, and if he felt uncomfortable I understand. He said he comfortable and asked if his friend could join..... I was thinking "wow another kid" but I told him ok. So his friend joined and then he requested to be my friend. Then I was thought " I don't want to play this game and end up with a bunch of kids as friends."

Okay here are my standards on game friends, If I do have friends on the PSN I would "prefer" them to be 18 and over. Now I know we play games with people and have no clue  how old they are, and their personality, after all we are just playing a game and having fun right? The friends I already had on the PSN never asked my age and neither did I asked theirs, but I'm still cool with them. I do have nieces and nephews that age and I do play games with them but I just feel like this is different. One thing I think about is the parents... do they want their child talking to someone who is 19 years older than them. Another thing I think about I just feel comfortable playing with people at least "of age".

My question is should I just let it go, it's just a game we are not meeting each other we are just having fun?
or should I delete them as a friend because of the superior age difference, for the sake of the parents... and myself?

What would you do?